Hello World!

Welcome to Mikes Web  :D

     Our hope is to use this Blog to increase our own and the publics’ awareness on the personal affects of both Local and Global Disasters … and … the Funds/Donations that are collected to help individuals and families recover their lives from the many different unforeseen life changing events that occur daily …

    Are we  ( the Canadian Public )  accountable for insuring the funds distribution is truly getting to all those in need of our help ??….  and … how do we define HELP ? …

   Who co-ordinates the actual plan(s) to help people re-construct their lives (safety/shelter/food/clothing/medical/schooling/etc etc) .. When is the job complete ? Who gives the final report ?  How successful have we been in helping others return to an acceptable quality standard of living?  Do we need to do more ?  Donations? Volunteering ? Skill Development ?

  What further information do we need to know to insure that we personally are doing our best to help those who need our assistance to get back on their feet ???

 That’s the BLOG !